Submission Guidelines

Inspired Women Magazine offers the women of the world information about the issues that affect us every day: relationships, career, health and beauty, spirituality, fitness, parenting, marriage, finances, and more. This information, while broad-based, is offered from a Christian perspective.


We select articles that will appeal to a global audience. These articles must be uplifting, informative and pertinent to modern women. The tone and content of every story will reflect a Christian viewpoint. We believe that every woman’s life is a gift from God and that a personal relationship with Him will provide them with meaning, purpose and significance.

We publish journalistic , nonfiction items only. We welcome unpublished and first time writers. Excerpts from books that can stand alone are considered.


Statistics indicate that our visitors tend to be engaged in a career, are moderately to highly computer-literate and are usually over the age of eighteen. Many of our visitors log on from the workplace and many find us as a result of commercial women’s networks and  search engines.


Inspired Women Magazine is published monthly online.

Rights & Compensation

We are seeking One Time Rights. All copyright remains with the author. Any reprint requests we receive will be directed to the author if a contact address has been provided for this purpose. The copyright you designate will accompany all text online. Inspired Women Magazine is part of a non-profit organization and as such cannot  offer compensation for articles. Publication on our site offers contributors international exposure and we are always happy to add a link to the website of your choice along with author contact information.

Queries & Submissions

Email queries and submissions are preferred. Queries sent by email receive a response approximately three times faster than those sent by mail. Please do not fax queries or submissions.  All submissions must be preceded by a query letter that states the title of the article, a brief synopsis, the department you are submitting it to, length (approx) and author contact info (an email address is sufficient). The departments are as listed below. Simultaneous submissions are permitted within reason.

Email submissions should be in standard manuscript format (exactly the same as the format for print submissions) and sent as an attachment. Microsoft Word is preferred, however most word processing programs are accepted. Please do not cut and paste submissions into the body of your email as we do not have time to format your submission for you. Use the subject line of the email carefully. Do not label it “submission” – make it easy for us to find you. Last name and abbreviated title of the article is preferred. HTML coding is not required as we will format the final version to meet our specifications.

Contact Information:

Publisher: Adriana Zamot